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I can't simulate with MODELSIM

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Feb 15, 2006
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San Jose, Costa Rica
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I download ModelSIM; and Xilinx ISE from

I install Xilinx ISE and after ModelSIM...

I create a new project for Verilog...

But when i try to simulate a testbench waveform of a *.v file...

Not simulator appear???

If somebody knows how to fix that problem, please help me....

Is a urgent situation... :D

Added after 1 minutes:

By the way, i Think implement my digital design in a Spartan 3 FPGA...

I dont know what i do wrong!!!!

Please help....

Re: I can simulate with MODELSIM

read this pdf.
then u can work on MODELSIM

Re: I can simulate with MODELSIM

**broken link removed**

Re: I can simulate with MODELSIM

try below coomand

vlib work
vlog testbench.v
vsim test_bench_module_name
run -all

Re: I can simulate with MODELSIM

You must create a file a new TESTBENCH file... after you must open Testbench generator ... an create for testbench waveform... pressing on testbench file... you can see Varius modelsim simulation

if you need a Functional simulation press first Modelsim simulation
if you need a synthesys simulation press the third simulation

You can do, All operations on Xilinx ISE... with out write some code...

Re: I can´t simulate with MODELSIM

I know how to make a good Verilog design,

for high frecuency digital applications, etc...

And how to make the testbench waveform, but all that in Xilinx ISE v6...

Now Xilinx ISE have a new version and ModelSIM too,

and i can´t do magic like in ISE v6!!!!

I don´t know maybe my installaing is wrong,

or my PC doesn´t support that new version....

I going to be crazy.... :cry:

Now, I really hate Xilinx....

I think that Xilinx and ModelSIM are like a virus in my PC....

I can't be happy if i try to synthesis a project...

My PC crash down, and ModelSIM is wrost...

I just use that programs because they are free...

But, 2 GB installation is too much space in my HDD...

Is like a terrorist atack for PC's....

install it over again
or try another free simulator online
**broken link removed**
i guess it is just a problem with installation
try it on another friend's PC for instance

Hello there,

I hope while u created ur project, u did specify the simulator as Modelsim, SE XE or whatever version u have, And i hope u have proper licence from modelsim as well, ie the starter edition licence or the hardware lock drivers properly intalled and so on...

Then i again hope that u have included the testbench as "for simluation"

Then i hope from the action menu , u have selected behavioural simulation,

Then u will be able to see the test ebnch in the sources list in the project explorer, and in the process explorer, u wil see the simulation options..and there if u have selected modelsim simulator, u will see the "Modelsim" or Xilinx ISE as the option

Please dont feel offended if u r expert level is above all these and u have followed all the above steps.. Its just that i cant judge or try to judge u r expertise level from this distance , and can only follow the basic step by step confirmation...

If all these things are done and u r absolutely sure that there is no probs with ur source testbench and the other source files, we can suspect ur installation.

do u have the license? u must download the license first and save it together with the modelsim file.

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