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HSP56 Micro Modem Linux drivers needed

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I need to get HSP56 Micro Modem Linux drivers. Also how to install it and run?

linux don't have drivers, I mean, the hardware must be suported by kernel, so you have to llok for a kernel version that supports your modem.

but i can give you a few tips,

1.- is it a winmodem?
if it's a winmodem, forget it, it's not suported, and maybe never will be supported, linux programers don't like this realy bad hardware.

2.- is it a PCI modem?
till kernel version 2.2.19 this kind of modems were nearly unsuported, but i nearly sure that new kernel versions (2.4 or upper) can support this modem

I hope this help you

HSP modem - that looks like internal software/winmodem. Some winmodems can be used even under linux - see

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