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How to translate bmp/jpeg to GDSII format?

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Jun 28, 2001
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Hi, all
does any1 know the way to translate the bmp or jpeg or other image format to gdsII format?
thanks in advance

bitmap to gds

Thanks a lot, but in my case, the (x)chiplogo crashed after generating the .mag or .cif file in Linux. at the Solaris, it works well, thank you very much.
BTW , you don't have to generate the .mag for magic, you can directly generate the .cif format data for any layout editor, such as Panda2000(my home layout editor), Virtuso.

Thank you


Can someone tell me more about GDSII format. I read it somewhere that hard macros are provided in this format.

bmp to gdsii

using matlab

the matrix X is just the 3 rgb color matrix
you can change them to bin or hex whatever you want

bmp gdsii

There is a tool called bmp2gds available at It can convert a number of bitmap format to gdsii. You can view the gdsii output before saving to a file. A free demo is available.

Re: bmp2gds

Can someone tell me more about GDSII format. I read it somewhere that hard macros are provided in this format.
GDSII is design exchange format between ASIC design house and the foundry. GDSII Format is final output from Physical design. It is a binary file format representing planar geometric shapes, text labels, and other information about the layout in hierarchical form. The data can be used to reconstruct all or part of the artwork to be used in sharing layouts, transferring artwork between different tools, or creating photomasks.

Macros are intellectual properties so they generally do not provide you GDSII format. They gives you abstract views required at different phase of design cycle like lef and lib not GDSII.

Wuxi OptonTech can do this for you. Images2GDSII English.htm


We convert various bitmap formats, e.g. BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG into GDSII/CIF/DXF formats. We also merge multiple bitmap files into one single GDSII/CIF/DXF file. Customers only need to tell us the final size of the images on masks.

For example, if your image has 2,400x2,400 pixels, and you want the final size on the mask to be 24,000 x 24,000 microns, then the size of each pixel should be 10 micron.

As GDSII format provides only black and white information, and most masks are binary, i.e. either opaque or not opaque. Hence, if your image is grayscale, we have to convert grayscale to halftone, and the grayscale values will be represented by the density of black subpixels. The number of black subpixels is determined by the grayscale values. For example, if the grayscale value of a certain pixel is 255, i.e. the pixel is white, then there will be no black sub-pixels within the pixel area. By contrast, if the grayscale value of a certain pixel is 0, i.e. the pixel is black, then the pixel area will be full of black subpixels. And if the grayscale value of a certain pixel is 128, half of the pixel area will be black subpixels.

Hello, cdic

I recently used the LinkCAD ( tool for this purpose (to draw the company logo in a chip layout).

It is a good tool and provides good jpeg to gdsII maping. If you have no license for this tool you can try the trial version.


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I would like to know where may I get this tool too.


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