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how to test op-amp IC 741

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Jan 29, 2004
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how to test op amp

how to test op-amp IC 741?
is it possible using IC tester?

test opamp

Normally IC Testers available are for digital ICs. To test 741 you can just do some basic gain tests if you have nice equipment. But best is to design some application and see if it works in that. The companies usually fully test all the EC specs before shipping the part.

opamp tester

for kind of opamp you are talking, Analog IC Testers were available, some time back, noit sure now.

Otherwise you could test some simple parameters on bread board. What you want test -- characterise the chip or just to test it is alive or dead ?

op amp ic 741

an analog ic tester should suffice... otherwise to test it manually you need to check the cmrr and slew rate basically,and also the offset voltages and currents if you are particular. to check cmrr u may need separate circuits for common mode and difference mode signalling... to measure slew rate a high frequency square wave(1mhz) will suffice, u need to measure the tilt at the o/p.... but rather than going for these things an ic tester is simplest

how to test op amp 741

I have never seen any analog IC tester, but I believe there is, and it must be hard to find and expensive.

Not all of the commercial semiconductor parts are tested at factories.

In my experience, I build a simple oscillator using the IC with the basic circuit in the datasheet or any book about opamp. The output via buffer drives the LED when I have no frequency meter, and the oscillator is calculated and built for the frequency of about 1Hz, with frequency meter, the oscillator can be built with high frequency.

Once the oscillator works, then the IC is good. I have never disappointed with this way of testing op amp.


ic 741

Just how well do you want to test it . If just a quick and dirty test, build a feedback osscilator on a breadboard and scope it up to see if it is osscilating.

test op amp

You can test the opamp if you make as buffer circuit ( the simplest opamp circuit) and then apply a degital input. if it gives the same reading as the input it works else it dose not work.
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