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How to solder under pin headers or sockets

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Feb 23, 2015
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Hi there, I have a question about soldering. I've made my own 2-sided PCB, and because of the complexity I am not able to get all the traces on the bottom side of the PCB. So there are for example some (female) pinheaders I need to solder, (and sockets for IC's), but there are also traces going from the pinheaders on the top side of the board.
Is there a 'trick' of some sort to solder this? Because if I place the female header on my PCB all the way down (as it should be), there is no way to access the pins for soldering because they are surrounded by plastic. On the bottom it's no problem ofcourse.
Now I could solder the female headers higher, so there is room beneath the plastic to solder to the pins to the traces on the top side also, but this is not ideal, it's kinda ugly ;)

So does anyone know a trick how to get the pins to connect to the traces on the topside of the board, while placing the pinheader with the plastic touching the PCB?

thanks a lot for any suggestions!

Add 1mm spacer under socket then solder with 1mm tip or double that. Add hot glue or polyurethane glob from home hardware to prevent bottom tracks from peeling off under IC insertion force.

You can use rivets to through-connect pads unaccessible from the top side. Or insert thin copper wires into the holes and solder it to the top pad before inserting the component.

Thanks, those are good suggestions :)

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