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How to run my .cshrc shell automatically?

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Apr 14, 2002
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csh automatically source cshrc

I install EDA tool into Solaris 9, and create a .cshrc file, I put it in my home directory, however, it wouldn't run automatically each time when I login? who knows why? And how to setup?


My recommend is: if you intend to use your Sun as an EDA workstation, don't install the latest OS. You will have a lot of trouble because your EDA was compiled and test under very old OS. Solaris 7, or Solaris 8 is good enough.

Oh, my OS is Solaris 9, looks bad for EDAs

That has nothing to do with a .cshrc not beeing sourced at login as it should.
Do you have a .login file? Is it runned at login?
If yes you can allways force running the .cshrc by adding to it a line with
source .cshrc

source .cshrc is added, but still not working

well, if I setup default shell is C, my EDA runs well. However, if setup default shell is Bourne and add "source .cshrc" line in .login, my EDA won't run and got error: "EDA: Can not excute"

same problem with me ..
so I change shell to C .. but I get a tcsh from web and compile it
I think tcsh is much better .. just my personal opi~~
and it work fine for me ..
for your ref ..

.cshrc is used by csh or tcsh.
I would say you should set your default shell to be /usr/bin/tcsh and it will work .....
Edit it either in /etc/passwd
or if you are mouse oriented
use an admintool. In both of cases you have to be a root (':)')

P.P.S. This is a serious decision:"which shell to use ?"
In any case look: man csh
man sh
It is not very long and give you a first help

P.P.P.S. /usr/bin/tcsh as well zsh is included in Solaris8, so it will be probaly available also
in Solaris9

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