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How to open a .job file.

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Oct 25, 2001
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open .job file

I received a file that finishes in a .job format.

How do I open this file?


how to open .job file

This site lists all extensions and gives links to software that will open files with them. Your .job extension is not listed.

After doing a google search for .job extension I discovered that this is a task scheduler file. **broken link removed** will tell you more about it.

how to open .job files

You might find that Pads PowerPCB can open it. (An extension from the Perform days)

open job file

If the version of the job file is 6 or 7 you can open it with powerpcb versions 2.01, 3.51, 4.0, or 4.01. I am not sure about 5 as I do not use it.
If it is version 3 or 4 you have to open it with dos version 6 or 7, then save it as 6 or 7 then open it with one of these windows versions.
Converting from 3 or 4 might have some problems with copper polygons, I am not sure as I do not open version 3 or 4 files very often.
If you want me to convert the file for you pm it to me as I have most of these versions installed including v6 of perform for dos.
how to open a .job file

It's a PADS file

open .job files

it is maybe a pads2000 file ,which is a dos version software.know it is free.try this:
best wishes!

open a .job file

sorry,made a mistake.this is the dos version software:

how to open a job file

another one:

how to open trimble .job file

another one:

open job files

I think the Power PCB is able to convert the lod PADS job file
you can use import function

run file .job

if it is a pads job file,that powerpcb 2.0,2.1,3.51,3.6,4.0,5.0......(except 3.0 and 3.50)can do open it?!!!

how to open .jod file

If you send the file to In*o*v*da they might be able ton convert it to the version that you are using.
Be sure your software is licensed and maintenence is paid.

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