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How to multiplex serial data and send it to the PC?

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May 31, 2013
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I'm trying to set up some goal I would like to achieve using a cypress ez-usb and FPGA

I would like to read 2 serial channels via FPGA, multiplex it and send it to the ez-usb controller.

Now I'm a software engineer, and only have a rough idea which components I would need for that.

* EZ-USB FX2 for the USB part
* FPGA / CPLD for the multiplexing part.

Since I'm a beginner I have no idea where to start with the FPGA/CPLD part how the multiplexing procedure should work.

Would this require to write the data from input 1 to some memory and once it's completed send it to the FX2?

For the serial input data I would think about 2 lines per input, clock and data (to make it easier at the beginning I'd ignore the synchronization part and just simulate 2x8bit inputs, the inputs should not be limited by 8 bits in the future I would like to be able to extend this eg. to 48 bytes / 384 bits or more per channel).

Can someone give me a hint what I would have to study or is there any example out there which I could have a look at in order to learn about what I want?

I would seriously consider getting a good textbook on digital logic. Your software experience is no use to you, and q you try and use it, you will hit many problems.

The problem you have described is probably a little advanced for a beginner. I highly recommend getting a good textbook and working through the examples as a start.

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