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how to manage multi license in linux!

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Jul 15, 2002
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lm_license_file linux

how to manage multi license under linux
i have server license and nodelock license
i must start multi port to support multi server license
and i use lm_license_file to point port and hostname and nodelock license path? is it possible ? or cause a confliction of multitools
i nearly have 5 licenses under linux!

thank u :lol:

lm_license_file howto

If you have some applications (eg m@delsim , HDL D.e.s.i.g.n.e.r, @nac@d)
from the same manufacturer (m@deltech for example )
and you use only one machine ,
you just need to set the LM_LICENSE_FILE and
MGLS_HOME variables .
No need to run a server :)

linux multiple license servers lm_license_file

You can do in either way:

1. start each license individually
lmgrd -c license1.dat
lmgrd -c license2.dat

2. merge the license files together into one big file
lmgrd -c biglicense.dat

Make sure the SERVER line and DAEMON line didn't conflict.


I think use environment themself first, just like "CDS_LIC_FILE" "SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE" "MGLS_LICENSE_FILE" etc, then use "LM_LICENSE_FILE" but split them with ":".
You can use "LM_LICENSE_FILE" with ":" only.

license management

You are rigth ,

You can use multiple license files and use only LM_LICENSE_FILE to point on them .

For example :
export LM_LICENSE_FILE= path_to_license1.dat:path_to_license2.dat:path_to_license3.dat

My opion is put ur nodelock license in their private enviroment variable's path. And u may put the other nodelock license in the default location.
/usr/local/flexlm/licenses/license.dat Then u dont even set the LM_LICENSE_FILE . For the license server , some of them need to point to the license file , other should point to their port . It seem no good way to do the multi-license. I found the new flexlm version can store the tool's specific license port info in ur home directory as one .xxx log .
There are few tools really need to start license server if u got license from EFAGen. For the hint of the private license enviroment variable ,
u may look the windows's registry path on HK_LM/Software/Flexlm License Manager/ . There are many undocumented license variables have been set here.

I think maybe you could use different port # for each product.

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