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How to make an IP core compatible with AMBA bus?

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Nov 18, 2005
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hstrb + ahb

Hi all,
As topic says.every IP core has different interface timing,how to make it conpatible with AMBA's opinion is the IP core need an extra interface to connect IP with the AMBA bus,the interface is a controller,it convert the original timing to the AMBA timing,but i do not think we need connect all IOs to the AMBA bus.Does AMBA only need connect to the IP's data and address bus or need connect to all IOs of an IP core?expecting some seasoned engineer has similar experience could give me some advice,thanks! Discussion is also welcome!

if you have a ip that has had a AMBA interface, you should ensure your interface meet some timing constrians. otherwise you will meet the timing closure problem in P&R. in our lab, every Io of interface to AMBA has constrain about at least 50% duty time both for inputs delay and outputs delay.
if your ip don't have AMBA interface, you should write a wrapper, which conect IO's ip the the AMBA, for both function and timming requirment.

to nmtr:thanks for your reply,currently i'm coding an IP core for my master thesis,my goal is make the IP core compatible with AMBA bus,so i exactly need write a wrapper for the IP,the wrapper connect IP's data and addr buses and also provide AMBA bus with the data and addr buses,as well as some control signal which is required by AMBA spec,but i think there is no need to connect all IP's signal IOs to AMBA bus,is that right?for example,the IP has an video synchronized input,one bit width,i connect it from outer source.for AHB,could you tell me the typical bus clock frequency?thanks a lot!

"there is no need to connect all IP's signal IOs to AMBA bus,is that right?"
it is right..
"for AHB,could you tell me the typical bus clock frequency"
for 0.18 process typically, goal for 100 -200Mhz can be achieved. but more is hard. if many devices is connected in the bus.
generally, Bus is a SHARE and common data exchange channel. AMBA is design to exchange data only. not for other purpose. so special siganl is not need to add to Amba.

thanks,but my data width is 16,and Addr width is 13,is this IP core suitable for AMBA,because i know the AMBA's basic width both are 32 bits.And how do you write this wrpper, i use state machine according AMBA's spec. i konw you have such experience,could i share the your summarization.

If it is a 16 bit data, then the byte lane strobes are used here. i mean for the first 16 bit data use 1 and 2 byte lane and for the second burst transfer use 3rd and 4th byte lanes in the 32 bus and continue with the similar transfers. And if possible generate HStrb path.

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