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how to make a solar based UPS ( unintruptable power supply)

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Sep 4, 2009
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solar how to

I m final year student ,has to make solar based UPS ( unintruptable power supply),if anyone has some schematic of solar panel or any other related material ,so kindly mail me.

make a solar powered ups

See UPS is finaly DC to AC converter.

We cant store AC electric power, so what you have to do that you just replace your chemical DC battery with Solar Panel.

First you decide for which function you want to use that ur SOLAR UPS. Calculate the power and current requirement.

I think there must no be an issu of Solar Panel adjustment, its readily available from market just you have to do its parrelel connection.

But what i am affraid of that your UPs will be very bulky because solar cell doesn't provide sufficient current, you may have to use some what larger array.

So what i am advise you that if it is ur final year B.E./B.Tech project, please search any another.


make ups solar

solar panel battery charger will become to large and costly?
it is feasible but cost is too high can you afford it as a student project.

Hi Dear.
Its good idea but the solar panel required for this project is too large.
So ultimately your project cost will be rise.
Here same concept of UPS can be taken only DC battery will be replaced by Solar Panel.
But as like DC battery, the solar panel DC output also want to stable. So first use effectively solar panel's output which is DC.

At student level it is large.


Re: how to make a solar based UPS ( unintruptable power supp

The solar panels should be used only to charge the UPS backup batteries... It will be a really bad idea to use the solar panel output as the inverter input!

So replacing the charging circuit of a UPS will do the job!

Re: how to make a solar based UPS ( unintruptable power supp

Hey.. guys.. i dint want to start a new thread.. thats why posting in his thread.. anyways.. i have to design a ups working from solar power. and these are the guidelines

1. The UPS output has to be a perfect sine wave with a maximum allowed distortion
of 3%.
2. The cost of making the inverter should not exceed Rs 5,000.
3. The power rating of the inverter should be 500VA
4. Input voltage of the inverter should be 12V
5. Output voltage should be 230V + 5%.
6. The inverter should be microcontroller based design
7. Inverter should have efficiency of 90% in converting DC to AC
8. The inverter should be capable of lighting a bulb of 500W for a minimum of one

so.. have any ideas and resources...?? pls reply asap.. :) thanks in advance.. :)

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