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How to learn tcl-scripting?

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Jul 9, 2002
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learn tcl scripting

Hi all,

who's know best tutorial for tcl/tk or/and
Pearl scripting for use with EDA such as
Aldec, Cadence, ModelSim, etc?

Please, give me references.



how to learn tcl in windows

Hi, Kalex
I think pearl maybe is perl, but perl is little useful in today EDA tools than tcl/tck. So mastering Tcl is O.K.

how to learn tcl scripting

Hi, Kalex
I think pearl maybe is perl, but perl is little useful in today EDA tools than tcl/tck. So mastering Tcl is O.K.

how learn script tcl in 21 days

linuxluo said:
I think pearl maybe is perl, but perl is little useful in today EDA tools than tcl/tck. So mastering Tcl is O.K.

It's Perl . Both Perl and Tcl/Tk are equal important in EDA business. If you chose EDA as your career field, you need to study both.

best tcl book

Perl can be very useful in the EDA world. It is THE best language for parsing text files, finding the data that you're interested in, and presenting in a useful manner.

If you learn Perl, understand it's regular expression support for pattern matching and understand associative arrays. Once you understand those, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can find and display relevant data from within a text file.

learn tcl scripting

If you want I can upload two good books on Tcl/Tk programming:
The first one is the very famous book from the main developer of this scripting language. and I don't remember it's name.
second is practical programming with tcl/tk , which I think is essential for every one who wants to write good scripts.

tcl scripting tutorial

Can anyone also share the Perl CD Bookshelf Version 3.0?
This version includes "Mastering Perl/Tk".

should i learn tcl

Could anyone who has the Ebook for Tcl / Tk post the material ?

tclpro1.4 download

Here's an old Tcl/Tk book (1993) that should still be good enough to get you started.

The examples file is in unix format, so if you have a windows editor that doesn't understand unix text files, it will appear to have no end of line characters.

tcl tutorial pdf

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
There is an early draft and some new sample editon.

t c l scripting 21 days

Dont forget this:


and also newsgroups:


learn tcl pdf

All resources are free: interpreter and libraries can be found in previous links.

In my opinion, the best package (help included) is the one provided by ActiveTcl: it`s a free, binary distribution of Tcl for Linux, Solaris, and Windows, and it is in



best book to learn tcl

I use the tclPro1.4 . It's free to register . The debbuger have the general programing debugging capabilities like step and set break point to assist you to find the bugs in tcl/tk .


I found another interesting debugger:

RamDebugger, for free in the web...

ramdebugger tutorial

Hope this helps

learn tcl scripting language

Here's a repost post of the Tcl book that I u/l'ed once before that got deleted when the board got hacked into a couple of days ago.

learn tcl

I am looking to make a career in EDA business and I appreciate and thank all the information provided by all of you about Perl and tcl/tk scripting.

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