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how to increase the gain patch antenna

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Sep 29, 2009
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need some help pls.

hello every one,

iam doing my final year project in electrical and electronic eng., and the title is how to increase the gain patch antenna at 2.45GHz, iam really stuck and dont know how to start with this title, if u get any idea please help me.

Thanks alot.

Re: need some help pls.

Is this your choice, or did some professor make you take it.

I guess it depends on the parameters of your assignment. If you want to improve the gain of a single patch antenna, I think you are out of luck, as they have been pretty much optimized by now. Just search the literature.

If you have more flexibility in the project, you could investigate:
1) using multiple patches, properly phased, to "squnt" the reception pattern to give you more apparent gain for your system orientation
2) you could use multiple patches, phase steered automatically, to "point" the antenna in a specific direction
3) you could use a singl patch, but with switchable feed points, to select one or the other polarizaiton. Assuming the received signal undergoes polarization rotation while it gets to you, you might want either vertical OR horizontal polarization for the strongest received signal
4) you could use tunable elements (like varactor diodes) to tune a narrowband patch to work at peak efficiency over a much broader frequency span
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Re: need some help pls.

thanks for the help, acually i dont have another choice coz most of the titles are unavailable so i just follow that title.

my lecturer ask my to design the rectangular patch antenna first at 2.45 GHz using strip feed, when i do the calculation i got the gain is equal to 0.0025 which is to small so he ask me to increase that gain but i dont know how to work that out.

some info.: this patch antenna used in microwave imaging to detact the breast cancer
thanks again

you can use gain enhancement method which is gib=ven in many books lil=ke wong...

Re: need some help pls.

hi! you said you have designed tangular patch antenna and using strip feed.Could you tell me when use strip feed,how to assign excitation?thinks a lot!!

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