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how to increase efficiency of battery charger

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Nov 27, 2012
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i have a project named 'desigining battery charger with better power efficiency'. I need some help as i am new and i have not a project on my own. can i get to know that what i should read and what should i do

Do you refer to the efficiency of the power used by the charger or the efficiency of the charging action (time to charge a battery) ?

For high efficiency of the charger itself, use a switching power supply.

For high efficiency charging, use 4-step (or 3-step) charging.

A good start to switching power supplies would be to read Marty Brown's book "Power Supply Cookbook".

For battery charging techniques/algorithms, check this out: **broken link removed**

Hope this helps.
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i need to increase efficiency of the power used by the charger

For achieving high efficiency you have to use SMPS. By da way, what kind of battery are you gonna charge?

how can i get that book @tahmid

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mobile battery

My guess is that you're trying to charge a lead-acid battery. Correct me if I'm wrong.

For high efficiency charger, you need to use a switched mode power supply. Have you ever worked with switching power supplies?

Go through the book I mentioned in my earlier post.

Decide which topology you are going to use. Then decide on which components to use. This will have impact on efficiency. So choose wisely. The biggest hurdle for you may be the transformer, especially if you're going to wind it yourself. If not designed properly, the transformer can be a major source of inefficiency.
actually i know very little about these things bro. sir gave me the project now i need to start from the begining

It's depends on transformer and the rectifier selected. I'm also recommend to use switched mode power supply. If you have any query about Battery chargers search on Google.

I see that you are going to charge a cell-phone battery. So, power requirement is quite low. You can use a flyback converter. You can use one of the available dedicated offline converter chips, such as TOP-Switch, TNY-Switch, VIPer, etc.

Ahcraton what power source you have or plan to use for your "efficient" small Li-Ion/Li-Po battery charger ?

There is lots of dedicated IC for battery charging purposes, and design is very easy.

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