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How to improve efficiency in VHDL ?

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Anuja Diggikar

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Oct 21, 2010
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I developed adaptive filter for acoustic noise cancellation in VHDL which needs 3 multipliers. final output i got is errored sound. I want it error free. I think it is because i forward only MSB data of multiplier (as multiplier doubles data width ) . so some data get lost. is there any another solution instead of taking only msb data?
pl. help ?
Thank you in adv.
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what is your requirement,......... first learn to post the requirement in complete details ,, so that it avoids our guess work and save both people time............

Actually data posted was incomplete by mistake. I modified it. pl. go through it and help.
Thank you for quick reply

It sounds like a problem of not thinking about number ranges in signal processing with integer arithmetic. It's not particularly related to VHDL, I think. You should be able to reproduce the issue using pencil and paper or with a pocket calculator as well.

To discuss the VHDL related part, you should post the VHDL code including signal definitions.

P.S.: Did you consider, that the internal signals of a filter (and possibly the output as well) may need a larger numeric range than the input signal, depending on the filter transfer function? So designing suitable numeric ranges for all signals involved with a filter is strongly suggested. If an overflow can't be avoided in some cases, you possibly would want to add saturation logic to the arithmetic rather than accept a signal polarity reversal.
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