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How to import antenna model from HFSS to Cadence?

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Dec 17, 2008
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Hi, All,

I am a student in the field of RF circuit design. Now I want add a general standard antenna into my front-end of the receiver to see the match performance between antenna and LNA.

I have checked some references, it seems HFSS cannot simulate the active circuits (am I right?). So I have to export the antenna from HFSS, then import it into Cadence.

I just want add the antenna as a component in cadence like a port.

My question is:
1. How can I export the antenna from HFSS, in which file format, it can match with cadence?

2. If I add the antenna into cadence successfully, how should I build the testbench, because usually we use the port as the input, but if antenna is in the front of LNA, which kind port should be in the front of antenna (should the port with series resistor, like 50ohms)?

3. Compare HFSS with ADS, which one can give the easier solution?

Maybe you can suggest me some website or papers!

If my question is simple or maybe posted befor, please don't mind, actually I have check the posted topics.

Any comments are appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


Added after 1 minutes:

In HFSS, as I know, I can export the return loss (S11), the impedance, and the antenna gain.

First, is there an component in Cadence can import these 3 parameters (S11, gain, impedance) at the same time to perform the characteristics as an antenna?

Second, antenna just has S11 parameter, it doesn't have S21, S12, and S22, is it enough to just use S11 to represent the performance of return loss and impedance of antenna together? If S11 can perform impedance of antenna, then I just need to import the S11 and gain of the antenna.

Third, assume the antenna component is added into the cadence, how to add the signal source to simulate the antenna with LNA ? Because for LNA, we can use the "port" from cadence analoglib, but if antenna is in front of LNA, which kind port I can use to start the simulation.

Thanks for any comments!


Added after 4 minutes:

Now I know, if I want to export the antenna parameters (S11), I need to export it in the format of "touchtone". And if I want to build the testbench to simulatie the "antenna+LNA", I also need the "port" from analoglib in Cadence, it can be used to model a transmitter.

But I am still confused about the antenna model in cadence. Somebody told me antenna is one port component, but if I want to add it in cadence, it has to be a 2-port component, then I can connect the LNA and the transmitter.

I also want to use the equivalent model of the antenna (that is two-port), but it is not accurate enough.

Any comments are welcome. Thank you very much!

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