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How to disassemble a 80188ES processor file?

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Oct 6, 2002
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80188ES Disassembling

I want to disassemble file of 188es processor .. the IDA pro dosen't support it , but it support 286 so i use it depending on super set phenomena .. the problem in IDA pro is thet you manual select the code and the data , trying to compromise to get the correct code ... does any body work in this before .. do you have any ideas or suggestions

Re: 80188ES Disassembling

You can use of DOS .

No i can't is not useful at all
1- How can you control the segmentation
2- How can you modify the start address
note that based on PC so it will offset your start address by 100h
3- How could you diffrenciate between ,look up tables or any kind of data and the assembly code in disassembling ?

Re: No i can't

Yes not easy,

You can move the program by M command.
You can modify the start address by RIP register. I usualy give 1000h
starting ofset.

Segmentation difficult. But you can find if you see segment data commands.

You must search the codes and data area.
U (unassembly) command gives idea for lookup table. Usualy
data area gives meaningless commands.

You know reset and interrupts vector address.
These are your importand starting points.

Your brain + your experience + + time, enough for disassembly if you have patience.


have you ever try to disassemble 80188 using it ?

Yes, I disassemble a 8086,80186 and other x86 with this tool.



What is the assembler and linker used to compile the ASM file produced from IDA Pro tool ?

There is a good chance you will NOT be able to reassemble anything what is disassembled by IDA Pro (or any other disassembler). The best way is to use IDA pro to understand the code and then rewrite it completely into C source.


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