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How to decrease the layer count in PADS?

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Oct 23, 2007
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I have a problem in PADS Power PCB.
How to decrease the layer count, if you've made your design to maximum layer count?

1. In PADS2007?
2. In PADS2005 SPAC.2?

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Click setup,layer definition,in layer definition look for electrical layers in bottom,in that you could see modify,reassign etc...

It is tedious job while your data are in 4 layers,while you try to delete the the split plane,components etc,it will still say there are data's found in the layers.

Now,you open a new design assign the layer from 4 layers to 2 layers,and try to copy the required components and nets from the 4 layer to new 2 layer design,this will be easy to do rather then beating around the bush..

Hope it helps you



Hi Ramesh,


What i mean is:
1. I have created a pcb design with the Layer Setup put to Maximum Layers (130 layers).
2. then i when i finished the design, i have only 30 layers.
3. My problem is to delete the other layers because i want my files to show only 30 layers.

more power.

Just export the ascii file(maximum layer) in lower version (3.5).It automatically deletes the layer count.

Hi Monolisa5791,

Is there another way, aside from this solutions?


I think this is the only way to solve this problem.But I am not sure.

Here is the correct way to reduce layer count in pads...

In my test case I changed a 4 layer board to 2 layers. This will work with any layer count you have...

1. remove "ALL" data from layers you want to remove.
2. Go to setup, layer definition, modify, pop will ask how many layers..
3. Pop up will automatically put a number in for 2 additional layers. But I wanted to reduce, so I put in 2.
4. click "ok"
5. At second popup there will be a layer stack showing layers that have data and layers that do not have data. (you can only delete layers that do not have data on them) there will be a <delete> next to the layers that will be removed.
6. click "ok"

You now have a reduced layer stack...



You've missed the point, he's trying to convert from extended layer set (255), to the standard layer set, the only way I've found is through exporting to 3.5 ascii, and BTW how's it going guy??? - PM me.


Hi SiGiNT,
I have tried to exporting to 3.5 ascii and i guess it only works this way.
I will let you know if i get another way to do it.

Thanks for all the help.

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