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How to connect FTDI chips with PIC and use them to control leds?

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Nov 18, 2001
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ftdi create ini file

Hi there,

I would like to combine my pic 16f628 and usb port.I would like to build a circuit like this : 4 led and one button connected to pic and pic connected to usb interface ic and this ic connected to usb port.I found ftdi chips on my local dealer. ( someone tell me how to do these chips? I only want to turn leds on and off and read status of button.I will use win98/me.I can write program in borland c++ builder.I will develop it.Thank you.


pic ftdi

These chipos are very easy to use, you have made a good choise. Royalty free drivers so your device looks like a com port. Borland builder is cool, I have the Enterprise version. There are lots of comm programs for Delphi and Builder, no prob. One is a uart, one is a prallel port, I'd go for the parallel port version.

ftdi 16f628

Thank you for your reply.I'm currently using ccs c compiler to write pic codes.You know i'm using borland c++ builder to write program.But i even don't know where to start..How should i connect my pic 16f628 to these ftdi chips? How should i write ccs c code to my pic? How should i modify inf files of ftdi chip? How should i communicate with pic, check status of button and turn on/off leds? I'm desperately seeking.

ftdi chips

Use the FTDI FT232BM chip, read the data sheet. The 16f628 has an intergrated uart, so the interface should be quite straight forward. Just change the vid and pid numbers in the ini file to the ones you choose in your device descriptors. You have to be assigned a vid from the usb forum before you can make a commercial device. But for your own use, it dont matter. I use MPLAB and HiTech for writing pic code, dont know about ccs compiler.
FTDI make a small module that plugs into a 32 pin dil socket, about £25, makes development pretty easy.

ftdi dil

Thank you for your reply.If it is not problem for you, can you attach an example code in c please? I think i can handle hiTech code.


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