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How to compute the currents from the .cur file in IE3D?

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Dec 30, 2005
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Hi all!

I am working with IE3D and I need to compute the currents from the .cur file.

I manage to do it in MGRID, i.e. generating and .ccd file. The problem is that I need to compute them from the .cur file, or if it is not possible, compute the .ccd from the DOS window.

The best thing is that I could generate the .ccd by a C program, but I can understand exactly the .cur. I've been able to understand some part of the geometry (not all) and that the last part corresponds to the current coefficients in the function basis that use IE3D, but i don't know how to compute the currents

Does anybody know how to do it, and explain me?

Thank you in advance!

Re: IE3D .cur file

Hi, Omnibus:

The IE3D .cur file contains too many things and you can not easily parse it. Also, the resulting current data is not the one with specified exciations. It contains general data so that we can find the current density data by specifying an excitaiton combination for it. the raw data inside the .cur file may not be meaningful to uses. I think processing .cdd file is the best choice. The current density stored in the .cdd file is with a specified excitation. It tells you all the cells and the current density at each vertex of a cell. You should be able to parse and process the .cdd file much easier. Best regards.

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