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how scan and BMP to PCB ?

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There is no direct way to get a PCB file from a scanned bitmap. There are some programs that produce input for PCB programs from bitmaps, but they produce a pattern of fills. The fills will give you a huge PCB file that cannot easily be edited.

However, you can convert raster scan files, such as bitmap, to vector files, such as DXF or DWG. There are a bunch of raster-to-vector converters you can find using a search engine such as G00GLE

You can then use a gerber program such as C@M350 or GERBT00L to read the DXF or DWG file and save it out as a gerber file. You can edit the gerber file in the gerber editor, or you can import it into a PCB program such as PR0TEL. You will still need to manually enter such info as hole sizes, and padstacks.

Bottom line - it is a lot of work. Usually, it is easier to just layout the board in the PCB editor from scratch.

bmp to pcb converter

Eagle 4.03 converts BMP image to PCB.

run import_bmp.ulp from file menu

scan to pcb

You can check on this Web **broken link removed**

how to scan pcb

BMP to PCB for Protel.

convert image to pcb


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eagle pcb converter circad


Pcb wizard can import the bmp file and you can edit it in it

pcb wizard can found mcufile khalid


eagle pcb import bitmap


a long time ago, I used a small cad called CirCad to reverse engineering a Multicard programmer
First, i took a photo for the pcb in Bmp format, then i loaded this image from circad.

Then i redraw all tracks then convert it to pcb format for circad or export to any format i want.

You can download Circad at

Pharaoh Of Egypt
eagle import bmp

Protel klipper is a better choice to me
You will still need to do some work but it's easier than reading the pcb externally

scan pcb image to gerber

but is it efficetive for the post process

or many work should done before the board work


The scan paper to transfer to pcb file use bmptopcb software , and the scan paper must set BW(black & white) mode.

scanned image to pcb converter

Use BMP2PCB,You can found it from Google.
good luck!

bmp to pcb converter+download

Klipper is good.

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RvCamViewer can load Bmp and directlly convert it into Gerber274X and ouput.

vCamViewer ver New Funcitons released.

1. Bitmap To Gerber274X
2. Odb++/TGZ To Gerber274X
3. Export Excellon NC File

Direct Download: **broken link removed**
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