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How many switch mode power supplys exist in UK?

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....Or any individual country, for that matter.
I say in UK, its 10 billion ? (10 x 1e9)
(I am including "every" single SMPS, eg, including ones like local 5W buck converters on a PCB in a product.)

Quick check here and there are 38 in use and if you include my box of PC spares, another 5. That doesn't include LED/CFL power modules or low voltage DC-DC inverters used inside equipment.

No wonder my radio equipment picks up S9 noise across half the spectrum!


thanks, I reckon its easily 10 billion, , yes , I also meant to include led driver, fluorescent drivers etc.

That bumps the figure up significantly - probably an extra 4 for wired in DC-DC inverters, mostly for deriving -ve supplies from positive in my equipment. 17 LEDs in room lights with internal PSUs and 2 CFLs.

Not sure how many houses there are in the UK but a guess ~20 million, if they are all like mine that's a total of 1.2 x 10^9 but that excludes industrial/commercial properties of course.


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