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How I can communication with 2 uC

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any one have idea, how i communication 2 microcontroller (mcs 51) in port (not UART, SPI) :( i try it but it can't work data transfer in parallel 8 bit data and 2 hand checking but it have error

Many peoples tend to forget the handshake. Hope your source isn't the link below:

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small errata
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My 2cent advice: switch to i2c , forget about parallel.

Out of topic question: Why do you think the IDE ATA will become legacy soon and the new king will be SerialATA ?


parallel transfer is only must when the data speed has to be very fast (approaching the MCU execution rate). In all othere circumstances, a serial or I2C is preferred.

Serial ATA has the advantage of simpler cable and connections. With the high speeds of serial transfers possible using new silicon advancements, a USB like simple cable and connector is preferrable than a 40 pin IDE.

which way r u trying .can u give sample sch and pgm

u can use interrupt to check data transfer :eek:

Microcontrollers connect

Hi, you can use some types of 3 states. Yo can use for example 74ls245 or similar part nad use 2 adittional pins to enable the chips. Regards.

Well which mcu's are you using? If pic's try to look at If i were you i prefer i2c.


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