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How does this circuit work?

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Jul 15, 2004
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how does a circuit work

How does this circuit work? Thanks in advance.

how does an amplifier work in a circuit

Selective amplifier. From all input frequency components it will amplify only those in the range around resonant frequency wres of LC circuit.
In small analysis LC circuit is like short circuit (zero impedance) for frequencies far from resonant frequency, and like resistance R for frequency wres.

how does a lc circuit work


transistor is working as a common emitter amplifier.
c1 and r1 are base capacitor and resistor.
c2 and l1 working as a resonanat amplifer .
c3 working as a out put load capacitor.
this circuit tuned as regarding to the resonanat frequency of c2 l1.

how does an lc circuit work

One of the imprtant things about this amplifier is that transistor Q1 work as switch.
and turn-on for less than 20%-30% of one period.
output voltage is sine wave. because of resonance cicuit L1 C2.
and another is frequency of resonance circuit must be (odd or even) multiple of input frequency.


how does lc circuit work

huji said:
How does this circuit work? Thanks in advance.
hi! my engineer friends explained your question very clear. I can also prefer you draw this circuit to the pspice, worbench and as this simulation programs and so you can see the responses and wave shape...

having a tuned circuit is an excellant idea to avoid distortion .....and to produce excellant sinewave in the output....moreover since collector is not having a resisatnce as a will decrease power dissipation ....increase in effieciency....i think it is having all charateristics of a FREQUENCY MULTIPLIER(Nothing but power amplifier Class C with tuned circuit in its load)
Next point here in class c Transistor will be biased into deeper that its conduction angle is less than 180angle..

it is simply a class C power amp
also it can be used as a freq multiplier
there is a negative bias so that only the peaks can open the transistor
take care to not exceed the max base emitter voltage:D

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