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how does a microcontroller work?

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Aug 6, 2008
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how microcontrollers work

can anyone explain briefly how does a microcontroller works??
what are the function of the pins??

how does microprocessor work

A microcontroller is nothing but a microprocessor with with a RAM and/or EPROM inside, and input/output periperals are included in.

You should know that a microprocessor needs at least a RAM and ROM to work. Also it needs extra circuit for input/output interfacing&addressing. This means extra cost and circuit space which is undesired.
Microcontrollers render all of these in a single chip, thus they are more desireble in most applications.

In order to understand how a microcontoller works, you should learn how a microprocessor work.

I hope this helped.


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how to work a microcontroller

Can you uppload this book if you have it, senaydud?

microtroller how does it work?

Microcontroller has its internal pheripherals, timers, interrupts and io ports, ROM RAM etc. uc is used for embedded applications and is low cost and easily configurable.
You have to read Embedded systems aand 8051 by Mazidi and another book by Scott Mackanzi

how does a microcontroller work

microcontroller is basically a computer in a single silicon chip who have RAM, ROM (or FLASH memory), Timer, Interrupt, IO Port etc..
pins on a microcontroller mostly are IO, who have a spesific function given by its internal program.
microcontroller must have a program to wprking properly as we want. try further reading on microcontroller to understand how tey work, how to write a microcontroller program in C/C++, BASIC or PASCAL and learn how to program a microcontroller..there is plenty of e-books on the net.. CMIIW and good luck

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