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How do I model a finite ground plane with HFSS?

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Oct 26, 2007
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modelize ground hfss

Hi friends,
I am trying a simple simulation, such as a monopole on a finite size PEC ground plane. How do I model it in HFSS? What I did is that I assigned the plate as PEC, but not infinite ground plane. Then I used either a wave port or lump port for excitation. I had air box all around the monopole and the plate. I mean the ground plane plate is somewhere in the middle of the air box. I got some result, but I do not if I should trust my results.
So, anyone here has done a similar problem? Can you share what you did? Thanks. -- Rey

Thanks for encouraging. But how will I be sure that this is right? As I could not find any example like this to compare. Any idea?

HI, I think what you did is correct.

You can check the radiation pattern. If you can see some radiation below your ground plate (because the ground is finite), then it is correct.

Yes, I do have some radiation on the back side of the finite size ground. So, it does make certain sense, however, the radiation on the back side is larger than I would think. I have increased the size of the ground plane, and the back radiation is still quite large. So, I wonder if there is a way that I can validate it.
Thanks for the reply.

Software and models are just tools. To see what is "right" one has to build and test hardware. That is where the rubber meets the road.

Thanks you all for the replies, :)

Re: How do I model a finite ground plane with HFSS?--A paper

Hi, thanks for the support. I found a good paper to validate if the ground plane is set-up correctly with HFSS. The paper is by John Huang, and it is on IEEE Trans Antenna and Propagation. The name of the paper is "The finite ground plane effect on the microstrip antenna radiation patterns". So, we can compare our result with antennas calculated and measured in that paper to make sure the simulation is set-up right. After that, we can use the software to do an extended job, then do an experiment if facility permits. Thanks again! -- Rey

Hi rey843

i work in antenna like your design in HFSS
but , i do what you say finite ground plane and make it perfect E and not infnite
and radiation box below the finite ground plane and the result is wrong
and do not satisfy both the return loss and gain

can you upload your design such i can compare it with my?

i work in paper "Design of a Tuning Fork type UWB Patch" By : A. H. M. Zahirul Alam
and this is the HFSS file if you check it and send me ?

Thanks in advance


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