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how can I improve FIFO timing?

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Nov 15, 2005
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fifo timing

I use SPARTANIII internal block ram as FIFO, but the timing can't satisfy my requirement, the detail is as below:
I need 125Mhz speed, but the ram data out can only implement about 100Mhz, how can I improve the speed.

thanks, ackqin

Timing constraint: TS_lclk = PERIOD TIMEGRP "lclk" 7.5 ns HIGH 50%;

20913 items analyzed, 63 timing errors detected. (63 setup errors, 0 hold errors)
Minimum period is 9.989ns.
Slack: -2.489ns (requirement - (data path - clock path skew + uncertainty))
Source: xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/B8.B (RAM)
Destination: xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_dout_6 (FF)
Requirement: 7.500ns
Data Path Delay: 9.970ns (Levels of Logic = 3)
Clock Path Skew: -0.019ns
Source Clock: lclk_BUFGP rising at 0.000ns
Destination Clock: lclk_BUFGP rising at 7.500ns
Clock Uncertainty: 0.000ns
Timing Improvement Wizard
Data Path: xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/B8.B to xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_dout_6
Delay type Delay(ns) Logical Resource(s)
---------------------------- -------------------
Tbcko 2.394 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/B8.B
net (fanout=1) 3.044 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/N942
Tif5 0.796 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/BU197
net (fanout=1) 0.000 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/N8868
Tif6y 0.342 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_fifo/BU216
net (fanout=1) 0.358 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_dout_<6>
Tilo 0.551 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/_n0025<6>9
net (fanout=1) 1.459 CHOICE1368
Tsrck 1.026 xmt_scheduler/addq_fifo/addq_dout_6
---------------------------- ---------------------------
Total 9.970ns (5.109ns logic, 4.861ns route)
(51.2% logic, 48.8% route)

fifo timing

If you tell us exactly which chip you are using, and show us your design, maybe someone can help you better.

"Data Path Delay: 9.970ns (Levels of Logic = 3)" -- That seems slow for only three levels of logic. Maybe your layout has long sprawling routes.

echo47, thanks.
I use xc3s400 -4, I only use this fifo in FPGA, all the signal is in the fpga.
This fifo saves my data, and I will read out when I need. so I want to know, but the data out speed of fifo can't satisfy my 125Mhz requirement, so I want to know is there any way can make the data quicker out from fifo.

That FPGA can easily go 125 MHz, so there's probably an inefficiency somewhere in the FIFO design. That's all I can say without seeing the design.

If you have coregen, try using it to make the FIFO. You may have better luck.

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