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HELP using HyperTerminal...

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Jun 28, 2007
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hyperterminal non-ascii

Hi everyone,
I need some help regarding using HyperTerminal.
I have set up an RS232 serial link between a VirtexII pro board and my PC. I am sending serial data along this link to the PC.
Does anyone know how i can use hyper-terminal to view this data that i have sent ?


docklite hyperterminal

You just have to create a new connection, setup this connection (baud rate, parity,...) and click on "connect". If your data are non ascii, you won't be able to see those datas in hyperterminal. In this case you'll have to log the received datas in a file and then open the file with an hex editor.


docklite uart

thanks for the reply mate.
I am basically sending the data as a series of 1s and 0s so maybe that y i cant see anything.
How do i log the data in a file mate ?
sorry for all the questions.


code to simulate hyperterminal

check this it should help

hyperterminal rs232 cross or direct

Thanks mate, did that test and its not returing the @S.

How do i log the data in a file mate ?

My hyperterminal is in French :) But in yours, it might be in "transfert" menu and "capture text"....

I don't use hyperterminal for non ascii data. I use Docklite but it's not free. You should look for a free advanced serial logger...


thanks mate.
I tryed that but its still not capturing any data.
It may be my code.
Can i send you my VHDL file and see if you think its my code thats wrong? you got e-mail add ?

thanks again.


You'd better to post your code here. I don't have enough time to check your code. Did you simulate your code ? If you did and didn't find any problem my advice is that you should check your TX signal with an oscilloscope, it's going to be way easier to figure out what the problem is.....

thanks mate,
Ye i have simluated my uart code and it seems to be giving the correct serial output, so i think the next stage will to to scope it.


Hi suddy72,

Before connecting Your FPGA board to the PC try this simple test:
- Open a new connection using hyperterminal.
- connect the RS232 cable and connect Pin 2 and 3 of the DB9 so that a you make a loop.
- If there is no problem with you serial port, given that there is a looked loop all thing you type muss be printed on your screen. If it is not the case that mean that you have problem with your serial port.
- Another point to verify is cable itself: In fact the is cross cables and direct cable. Check the one required to connect PC to Baord.
- The last point is to verify your VHDL code which must obey to the same connection's caracteristics fixed in Hyperterminal.

Hope it help !

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