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Help to compare the rtos for pic18

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Feb 9, 2006
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I heard that pic18F4550 can use with several rtos such as PICOS16 , freertos , or salvo??
Because I'm new to RTOS and I don't know how to choose RTOS for pic18f4550. Everyone familiar with RTOS please help me to select above rtos that.....

- provide source code.
- free to download.
- easy to used because I want to learn the besic of using RTOS in microcontroller.
- stable and almost used.

Thank you very much....

pic18 code

Hi jitkasem
Looking at the constraint that you give (free download and source code provided) you should think in FreeRtos.
Salvo is a nice and simple RTOS but its commercial and the version with source code is much more expensive, also not as powerful as others.

I've have no expertise in PICOS18 but you should use an RTOS that can be portable trough different architectures, like ucos-II, freertos or salvo.

if you are new to RTOSes I would recommend you FreeRTOS, is preemptive and cooperative with multiple priorities with round robin also.

The documentation on the page is very good if you familiarize with it.

Also a preemptive RTOS is more friendly if you need to recycle code from C standard programs (like I suspect you would need on Microchip USB implementation ;) )

I hope it helps, best regards.

Marcelo Lorenzati
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freertos usb pic18

Can you prepare and post a document for porting FreeRTOS on dsPIC in English?

Thanks in Advance.

ucos pic18

you can use ucOS for PIC18. it comes with PIC18 port and you can download the source code and example program from it's website

source program pic18

if u consider pic18 for development, then hitec pic18 series tool along with salvo rtos is a better option, u can have ucos-ii also

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