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[Help Needed][Altium Designer - Schematic][Edit Component.?]

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Aug 9, 2005
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altium designer help

Hi All,
How to do component editing in altium designer ?. I am placing an IC in the schematic say for example a 555 timer. I need to move the pins and place it in a different position. Also I need to increase the spacing between the pins in schematic. How can I do these ?

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add the library from Design Menu to the Project,double click on the library,select the component to be updated,and save it after updating.for grid,double click in edit part space select preferences and in that select grid Increase the grid as you like.

hope this will help you.

altium schematics library next component

Thanks for your suggestion.
I added the integrated library in project and doube clicked the library as you told. After double clicking the integrated library split into two. One .pcblib and another .schlib files. When I clicked the .schlib file, it opened a sch file which was of no use for me. I was unable to see the individual components within the .schlib. How to see them and edit the component which I want to edit. Thanks

altium designer help

If you have library(schlib) from which symbol is placed then simply open it from file menu than select the desired symbol now modify it as per your requirements and save the library.
Now go back to schematic and place the new symabol by running place part command.

Also if you do not have schematic library tahn you can generate it from schematic only by going to design and selecting make schematic library option.

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