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Help me write a code on Spartan-3e board

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Aug 30, 2007
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I have a spartan-3e and I want to write my code permanently in the board.
Is any body who can help me?

Thank you in advance!!!

Re: spartan-3e help

I have only the spartan-3e my friend.

spartan-3e help

I think u need configuration PROM and download cable, u could download below document and find out u chip
**broken link removed**

Re: spartan-3e help

Yes you required one configuration PROM .first u download your code to PROM.
by .prm file and then .bit map file to FPGA.
SO that u can have permenent data storage
as PROM is device with non volatile memory and FPGA is a volatil

spartan-3e help

you should synthesize your code in any synthesizer such az leonardo or ISE (is better because its Xilinx Synthesizer) when you create a new project you shoule select your device then add your code in then next page and when the new project has created you synthesize and implement it then in the configuration step connect your board witha cable that name jtag (the circuit of this cable find in internet) to the computer configuer your device and if you have a prom select your .MCS file and program the board.

Re: spartan-3e help

Thank you very much guys for your Help.

I found from the manual the way that i can generate the Prom file but I have another problem now.

When I turn off and turn on the board my I/O works perfect except the Lcd.
I can't understand the reason.

Can u help me?

Added after 5 hours 4 minutes:

Never mind guys!!!

I found were was the problem!

Thank you for your help!

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