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Help me with C routines that draws 30x30 bitmap for a microcontroller

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Nov 22, 2001
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Could anybody help me to do routines in c to draw a 30x30 bitmap in any position of a SED1565 driver?

Thank you in advance.

gui library hcs12

goto INFO LINK group and find a thread from a user about uCOS GUI
(c source code and a LIB for LCDs)
pic18 bitmap

Thank you 7rots51, but I need to draw c routines for a microcontroller (HCS12 or PIC18), not for a PC.

Best regards.

hc12 with glcd

uC/OS is for Microcontrollers.
HCS12 is fully supported.

Check it out.

ramtex iconedit manual

If you are going to use PIC18, I just got uCOS-II 2.52 working on the PIC DEM-2 PLUS demo board.

Let me know if you need help with the setup.

**broken link removed**

Venz-- Did you get uCOS-II working on the ATMEGA128?


ramtex demo source

This is link on micrium GUI and manual.


download in icon car.

sed1565 driver in c

I've tried R-a-m-t-e-x Ic-on-Ed-it and it works very good. i recommend you have a look on this invaluable tool.

easygui pic18

Actually it is not useless and link to minigui and many more can be found at **broken link removed**
This site contains links to GPL software links to free gui software libraries and few of them can be used in embedded design .

sed1565 + c++

There is alfagui toolkit . The author claims that it works
with 128 KB code memory and uses about 8 KB of flash . The only problem is that it is implemented in C thus prevents its direct usage in middle range mcu . But it could be advantage to try to port it to C thus Cpp footprint will greatlly be reduced . But due to heavy use of C++ OO constaints it wont be easy task . HArdware porting does not seem to be difficult if C++ is available .

Take a look here **broken link removed**

lcd picdem 2 plus 2006

Can I make Video Moving Sign using that?

ramtex gui download


There are several application notes at Cypress site how interface to grapjic LCD, please look these notes. There is simple graphic library in C.

Also, I have UCOS-GUI. There is lot various useful stuff, which can be used for your purposes.

application notes for interfacing graphic lcd

i ask how to move data consists of 1 byte to display on lcd at 8051

Re: graphic lcd

hi everybody

i want to draw time versus temperature graph on 128x64 lcd
i have interfaced it, but not possible to draw graph is there any library to draw graph

plz reply
thanksssss!!!:| 8O 8O 8O

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