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Help me please with my GRAFCET task

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Jan 29, 2013
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I have to make GRAFCET model on this task:

1. Based on the statement below, draw the GRAFCET that models the operation of the system.

- Automatic control command to a guillotine blade driven by a cylinder (A) single acting spring return, whose cutting operation (A +) on the following conditions:

a). The blade of the guillotine comes down and makes the cut when the user click and hold two buttons (b1 and b2), each with one hand, with a connection time between the two not exceeding 0.5 sec. (T1);

b). If a button is stuck (permanently attached), the blade does not allow new cut;

c). The descent of the blade ends (cut), when a limit switch (fc) is actuated, returning the blade to its resting position by spring action. If in the operation to lower the blade, a hand is raised, the blade returns to its rest position, not making the cut;

d). New cutting operation is only possible after both buttons pressed, and after a time of 5 sec (T2). With this blade has time to rise and return to rest position;

I havent been useing this programming language before so I would ask for the persons who ever used this language and consult me if my work is done correctly. If no - I would be appreciated if somebody could tell mistakes I did and how it would be possible to correct them.
Photo of work below:

**broken link removed**

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