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Have anyone already use" laker AMS" ( ECS)

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Jul 18, 2001
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laker ams

Cohesion AMS Designer as I know already be merge to srpinsoft laker ..
Laker AMS ??

Laker AMS is a Silicon Canvas solution, previously Cohesion AMS Designer of Cohesion Systems, which has been distributed by DOLPHIN for more than 10 years now

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Powerful Design and Debug Environment Shortens time to market and reduces development costs. Real-time access to your design. Connectivity, Parameter Passing, DRCs, all in real-time. A Cohesion design is a unified, connected, correct-by-construction design database.

Custom IC, Analog & Mixed-Signal SoC Flows Integrates the power of our design environment with your design flows. Spice, Verilog, VHDL, and graphical schematics co-exist under a unified database. With our open API tools, and interfaces to third party HDL and Spice simulators, ties to synthesis and layout, Silicon Canvas Laker AMS powers your design flow.

Complex, Deep Hierarchy Increases productivity and eliminates manual verification. Create complex and deep hierarchical designs, ranging into the millions of components, all with real-time annotations, parameter passing, query & probe, and "Whole-System" userconfigurable DRCs.

Team-Based Concurrent Engineering Unifies your design team and aids complex debug efforts. Immediate workgroup updates keep designers up to date. Protect and preserve your designs with integrated version control. Complete cross-platform compatibility.

HDL & Spice Integration for Simulation and Layout Integrates the power of HDL with our design environment. Build a complete hierarchy from HDL, Spice, and schematic sources in to one unified environment. Create Spice, VHDL, and Verilog netlists of blocks or the entire design.

ecs cohesion designer

I used the schematic entry since 1994 which was called before ECS owned by CAD/CAD Group, than SCS owned by Synario, than Cohesion Designer by Cohesiontools, now Laker AMS by Silicon Canvas. The very unique feature is that the complete circuit hierachy is built up im memory with complete connectivity. That makes browsing very fast and you can follow signals very easy. They advertise other tools as paper emulation regarding the hierachy which is correct. Therefore Spice netlisting is 10-100x faster than Composer. So the netlist is direct derived from the memory hold database. I think that all previous owners of the schematic underestimate the capabilities of a hierachy database in memory. If Synario or Cohesion made the access to the internal database open or easy there could be much more added functionality than what is provided by Cadence today. So you could add your user functionality like specific checks, searches and so on. The drawing capability is little worse to Composer. Up to 6.0 they supply SUN/Linux/NT. I think with the other tool integration they skip NT. I worked up to version 4.46 and have seen up to version 6.0. There was some minor improvement. Our company drop the schematic because the process design kits are mostly delivered for Cadence. I personally think that the process design kits are the drivers for EDA software selection. That change only if there is enough inhouse knowledge to support a process independend designflow which own tool selection or there is deep enough standarisation (Accerella) to make that job more easy. I think that Laker AMS has a future is Silicon Canvas is able to deliver a complete designflow including process design kits. I have heard that Philips bought the souce code from Synario to continue there own designflow.

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