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Has anyone got an *OLD* copy of the HP 85055A 'N' verification kit manual?

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Nov 6, 2011
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The manual for the Agilent 85055A 'N' verification kit for vector netowrk analyzers

is on the Agilent web site at

**broken link removed**

But I have an old HP version of that kit, which has exactly the same part number. My version looks as though it was first (and last!!) calibrated by HP in 1990. I'm sure there are some differences in the manuals for these, as the current manual only mentions support for the PNA series of VNAs from Agilent, whiich were not made 22 years ago. It says the kit supports the 85054B and 85032F calibration kits. I'm 99.9999% sure the 85032F was not available back in 1990, whereas perhaps the obsolete 85032B calibration kit was available.

Note the part number of the verification kit has never changed. The calibration constants for my old HP 85055A verificatin kit are on tape and floppy disk, whereas the calibration constants for a new Agilent 85055A will be on a USB stick.

If anyone has a manual, I could not mind a PDF copy, but in particular I'd like to know what VNAs the HP 85055A supported, and what HP calibration kits were supported.

The Agilent web site for the 85055A states this kit supports the Agilent 8510, 8719, 8720 and PNA series of network analyzers, but the manual only mentions the PNA series.

I myself have:

* HP 8720D VNA (1992 firmware)
* HP 85032B calibration kit
* HP 85055A verification kit (dated 1990).

I'm trying to determine if the components I have will allow me to verify the performance of the VNA.

I might add, getting the 85055A verificatin kit calibrated by Agilent is about twice the price of getting the 8720D VNA calibrated by Agilent. I'm told if I send the HP 85055A verification kit to Agilent for calibration, and request data is put on a floppy for the 8720D, it will be done, although Agilent will not put data on a tape any more.

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