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h*itachi microcontrollers H8 and superH?

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May 17, 2002
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I saw the hitac*hi micros ,they are very attractive and low cost and low power,have a large amount of peripherals and memory in them.

I did not worked with them ,If any one have experience with them and the development tools and compilers ,please guide me how to start with them and give your idea about these chips.

My application is in industerial and control systems.


Here is Hitachi Single-Chip Microcomputer Data-Sheet.

Hi 7rots51

GCC is ported to both SH & H8 and are working very well. Have a look at hxxp://




I'm also wery interested in this devices. Did anyone use them yet? Please, share experience about development tools( C copmilers, debugers ...).


I've a little experience with H8S/2144
and also have development tool.
I*A*R & HITACHI C compiler and simulator.

please if some one have experience with them ,tell him/her feel about these micros,
It seems they are hard to find for buy and there is no info on developement tools and jtag.

if someone worked with them please share his/her experience with us.



Bad news for developers without emulators. Flash devices H8S have only 1000 erase/write cycles.


You can find plenty of useful informations about development on SH at:

**broken link removed**


I forgot to mention that you have to use a different browser than MS IE in order to acces

**broken link removed**

I've used the H8S2148 family in our embedded designs. So far what I've seen is that the hitachi devices don't use JTAG for debugging(at least the smaller devices). We are using this because of the peripherals.
Here is the dev system info
Compiler: I am using the Hitachi compiler itself ~$2K. Other options are GNU compiler tool chain with unix debugging utilty.
Web site is below . You can find more info on how=to guides etc.
**broken link removed**

The H8S2148F is about $15 in small qty < 1K /yr. in US.

The part I am using is amazing for me.

128kBytes Flash
4kBytes SRAM
1 x 16-bit timer with capture and compare registers
4 x 8-bit timers
2 x watchdog timer / interval timer
16 channels 8-bit PWM timer module
2 channels 14-bit PWM module
3 channels USART
2 channels I2C Interface
8 channels 10-bit A/D converter
16 channels 6-bit A/D converter
Data Transfer Controller
Host Interface Circuit
Low power modes including active mode, medium speed mode, module stop, standby, sub-active mode, watch mode
82 I/O ports
100 pin TQFP. versions with 2.7 V to 3.6V and 4.5 to 5V

However, recently we are looking for some other devices lately. One of them is from motorola. This one has same amount of ports if not more with Ethernet+CAN, 512K flash 64K ram direct SDRAM interface etc etc. The device is MCF5282.

If you are looking for something smaller and don't want to deal with intricacies of Microchip I recommend Cygnal.
**broken link removed**.
These microcontrollers are 8051 based and very flexible. On top of it the it has BDM (on board JTAG for debugging) and the whole deve. system costs $100 from the web site. The only thing you are going to pay would be a decent compiler maybe from Keil.

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