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GPS+GPRS+ARM development board

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Sep 1, 2009
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Hi all,
I am currently designing a Telemetry system for my Model Aircraft.
So i need a board with GPS,GPRS and a Microcontroller Possibly an ARM(LPC2148 or similar)
And that board should also have RS232, USB Host and GPIO for analog input to monitor fuel level, temparature air pressure at current position.
I may consider a digital Barometric transducer but for Fuel level And Engine temperature Anolog sensors will be used.

I searched google and found out this(**broken link removed**)

can any one point me to any other alternative boards?

Thanks in advance.

I doubt you want a large D-Sub connector on your board. This is a scenario where you probably want to design your own custom board,
since you will have very specific requirements (like power, size), not general requirements.
I suppose some model aircraft forums may have users who have created their own boards for hobby use, maybe they have a
suitable design if you are not confident designing your own.
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If anybody has hacked this kind of devices?

I mean If these devices allows to write your own firmware?
If atall it supports then it will be great, as it has an ARM processor, I Think i can use other unused pins to interface my devices.

Anyone with any thought?

Thanks in advance.

May be you can try our **broken link removed** with the **broken link removed**. I believe they also provide all the firmware for the interfacing.

Thanks for your pointer. BUT You missed my original requirement see the post[1] above. I need to put it in a model airplain. to monitor the location, speed, temperature air pressure and Fuel level.
So as it is meant for model airplain this Board is TOO BIG. for it.

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