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good HSpice alternative for linux

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Oct 24, 2006
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hspice alternative

I've searched before and found this.
after about one year I want to know about sth better.
I've not tried any of them.....
now I want to know about good alternative for Hspice2005 on windows I am using it on windows but I using Linux also and being interested to switch to linux for simulating my .sp files and viewing their graph without any considerable limits.

----> a note that I found many tutorial and manual that seem to write on unix platform is using hspice on unix more common? what boat linux?

hope to help.......... :)
Thank in advance
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scilab hspice

there is toolbox for matalb "HSpice Toolbox"....
with this you can draw your graphs that show compiled(there is no compile actually) script.
but Matlab is very Expensive ,.....

hspice alternatives

You can use gwave for watch all your graphics result of HSpice simulations, but gwave also installs a command very useful that gives you the chance to change your graphics from .SW0, IC0, .tr0 etc to .dat, and then just load them with octave or matlab and plot lines VS columns. If you use octave, you can configure gnuplot and get the best graphics if you want to put them in a LAtex file.

sp2sp -t hspice -c ascii hspiceresultfile(.ic0, .tr0, .sw0) > outputfile.dat

then just check the file:
vi outputfile.dat
and you can see what variable or term is on each column, and plot.

in octave or matlab:

load outputfile.dat

that's it, you have a really nice graph.


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spice plot using gnuplot

ThanX Ragnarok How much is it cost (HSpice) for linux?
I have problem here:

is it possible to have transient v-v scale curve? with using octave?

Thank you.

hspice view graphical results

there are 2 open source equivalent to matlab, octave and scilab, and there is also translator matlab to scilab available.

For open source spice simulator there are different alternative depending what you want to do?

Qucs, nspice....

command to plot curve on gwave from a file

Any type of analysis you use with HSPICE, it generates a file ".typeofanalysis", you just need to use the command i gave you up there. obviously you need to use .print o .plot to get the stuff you want to plot.

About how much it costs HSPICE i don't know, but i guess all of this works with the GEDA tools too, with ngspice, the main requirement is to have gwave and check if there is some command to do that.

hspice for linux

Thanks a lot my friends.
Ragnarok83 your output is V-time curve i need Vout_Vin curve.
maybe generate the transient file and import date to octave work? is it have this capability to plot my variables?

you help a lot thank again.

.tr0 gnuplot

Dude the plot I put is just an example to see the quality of graphics with octave and gnuplot.

About your problem, sure, any analysis you use in hspice, the output file can be transform to a .dat file, don't worry. just try please.


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plotting in octave from a .dat file

Great, now these engineering toolset are almost all available on Linux.

how to open hspice in linux

Thank Ragnarok83.
I understood your helpful example (the first one) I just want to know about the possibility of v-v one......
I am busy with exams nowadays but after a few days I'll put both results in Win and Linux here it might be fun to know about quality of Open and usu free softwares with their close and usu expensive equvalent ....

Best Regards....

sp2sp hspice output

man at this moment I just have one conclusion, your problem is that you don't know how to make simulations with HSPICE, so just read the user's guide, then use octave to plot it.

The second example is a V-V graphic, so I don't know what kind of V-V graphic you need.

linux gwave hspice

Thank Ragnarok83 maybe you fall into a misunderstood and that because of my poor English skill I understood all of your post at first and I know what you're saying.
I've get your example and posts ........Because of my busyness with midterm exams I couldn't use your great offers actually I give it up.
a few days ago I solve my problem with same approach but in Windows with the help of HSpice and Matlab and HSpcie Toolbox :
and then export the [vin vout] to Excel ,......

now I want to use Linux and it's open source equivalent I've install gwave and Octave now I want sth helpful about simulating ....
I want to simulating a Invertor circuit using 0.35um Library and with level=49 is it possible in nspice or Qucs or ?
if not what is the best EDA that could be useful for this kind of simulation (I mean those free and available in linux)?

and at last I am very greatfull to your great helps Dude

Added after 13 minutes:

and here is my output curve in Matlab it show the raise and fall cycle (upper is raise ...)
I am going to use Linux and it's tools to do same and put the results here like this:

hspice toolbox,scilab

do you use the hspice 2007?

alternative of hspice

no I am using 2005 version.
does 2007 version have a special feature?

hspice alternate

where is the download link of 2007 version?

hspice guide install

maybe help:
**broken link removed**
but I can't find legal and direct link it seems you need to contact to your nearest local
there are a massive illegal version all around the google also.

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