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good curve tracer to buy

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Oct 1, 2010
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Hi, i am looking for a good curve tracer to buy to check quality/performance of some high voltage transistors, capacitors and other passive/ active components.

could pls suggest any device below 2500usd?

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I saw may videos online. But all are for just explaining kind of diagram to be shown with respect to each and every components. but could not find any comparison diagrams for same type components.

Good question.

Is there some way of using a decent oscilloscope, and reduce external signal voltage/current before the input without degrading the aspects you wish to view? Not sure how simplistic my answer is, or more to the point how much resistors used as current limiters or voltage droppers would distort the signal.

- - - Updated - - - carry on that idea, hope I'm not missing the point of what you're looking for completely... Could you use an isolation amplifier in conjunction with an oscilloscope or similar device?

Just as an example:

Just suggesting it as I would think it works out a lot cheaper than $2,500 (approx. $10 + the 'scope), and appears to provide good signal integrity.

Maybe none of these devices are any use either:

There seem to be a lot of second-hand curve tracers (or adapters) on e-bay, from $400 to $1,000, if you want new/unused I can understand that...
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Thanks. But i dnt have a oscilloscope. So going to buy a curve tracer. cos i dnt have much knowledge on curve tracers, i dnt want to select a CT only considering price. That is why i want to know what factors o should look before buying.

A powerful CT can create enough info to fill a datasheet and are very expensive as you say. Perhaps more than $35k.
A simple analog XY CT requires a bit of familiarity and skill to compute the parameters can be made for < $100 if you have some tech skills.
A DSO can be highly functional for about $500.
A power supply is also required.

If you can decide what the minimum parameters and ranges you require from this link.

Such as Volt and Amp ranges. ( think Watts, KW or MW such as for high end IGBT's)
in case if i want to check quality/ performance of transistor like **broken link removed**

can i use this curve tracer below?

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