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FTDI232 module problem

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Martynas Jankūnas

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Aug 9, 2015
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I purshased **broken link removed** from ebay, but I can't make it work. For a test I programmed an Arduino UNO to serial print a number, increment it and delay for one second. When I hooked up FTDI it didn't show anything (I tried the same with USB2SERIAL light module, all worked fine, so I don't think I made any mistakes).
At first I thought that FTDI drivers bricked the chip (Windows installed 2.12 version at first hookup) so I rolled down drivers to 2.08 version and tried to unbrick chip with this **broken link removed**. It turns out that chip wasn't bricked after all.
Is it something else I could try to make FTDI work?
Some info that I get:
Screenshot - 2015-08-12 , 23_23_00.pngScreenshot from 2015-08-12 19_05_46.png

Your test has to many variables. You should use a simpler test.
Connect the RX and TX pins on the module together and use a program such as hyper terminal or real terminal and check that you can send and receive data.

Did you buy the original FTDI IC? or a chinese version of it, both have different drivers, wont wont alternatively, did you chose the correct COM port, FTDI makes to appear a new COM port.

I'm pretty sure that this isn't an original chip, one of those cheap module from ebay, thats why my first thouth was that drivers bricked it. Yes I chose correct COM port, checked it on device manager. Also when I tried to read eeprom from Ubuntu with ftdilib example it succeded, but serial-test example gave an error (it shows on the picture with terminal window)

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