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FSS design using HFSS ver.10

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Epsilon Zero

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Nov 11, 2006
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fss design with hfss

Hi I using HFSS ver.10 and am trying to simulate FSS's. I have designed a slot FSS but am having trouble simulating it and getting results. Could anybody tell why after I have simulated it I am not getting and plots on the graph. I will up load the file.

fss hfss

I had a quick look on your file. I think the problem in the defining of the PML boundary's, there should be a radiation or FSS reference boundary.
I will check it further if I had the time. hoping this give you a hint to start investigating.

hoping that you will find a slon quickly.

hi all,from my searching about best software that simulate FSS structure,the ansoft designer is especially simulate any fss and give very accurate results,i try it,very simple ,very fast and give u a large free area of plane wave polrization,i could help u

how to design fss with hfss

hihi, how do you set a plane wave in HFSS10 or Designer? I have problem in defining it, coz i wanted to plot the RCS. Anyone has tutorial on RCS on HFSS? thanks

hfss rcs estimation

hi all,any buddy upload its substrate parameters and the file that want to simulate in DXF format or GDSII to help him in the simulation
hfss fss


I have heard that Ansoft Designer is more user friendly for simulating FSS's. But unfortunatley I am not sure where to start in using Ansoft Designer. Could you outline some steps. I am investigating different element types and their resonant frequencys. If you have an example I could look at I would be most grateful.

Thank you

hfss rcs

hi epsilon zero,pls upload ur file and substrate parameter ,i could help u

hfss fss tutorial

I am working with Ansoft Designer SV. Am I able to fully simulate fss's with this program or do I need the full version?

on how to simulate fss in hfss

here is a file with the optimzation of an fss in Designer


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hfss reference for fss

Unfortunately I cannot get my hands on the full version of Anosft Designer and ansoft designer sv doesn't allow me to open the files on this post. Looks like its back to experimenting with HFSS :(

ansoft hfss fss

pls epsilon refer to that link

send ur file in dxf format and ur sub parameter
i could help
fss design on hfss

Thanks for your help abdoeng. Sorry I havent replied for a while. I now have the full version of both HFSS ver 10 and Ansoft Designer 2.2. I will load up sub parameter as you mentioned beofre you may be able to help. Any notes for using Ansoft Designer to simulate FSS's will help alot.

Regards Epsilon

fss hfss file

Here are some simple instructions for making an FSS (or any type of array really)

- Draw your unit cell

- Make an air box around it (~1/4 wavelength spacing is safe)

- Make a PML off top or bottom (using the wizard is fine – pick direction your excitation will be aiming at (eg, bottom of FSS)) If you have a version of HFSS that supports it, select "Reference for Frequency Selectable Surface (FSS)"

- Make a radiation boundary off of the other (or, can use another PML in some cases, but isn’t always necessary)

- Set up your excitation (plane wave, port, etc) Use a plane wave for FSS. Aim the k vector at the PML

- Make a box directly around everything, even PML box

- Set master/slave BCs on walls (see help for info on this)

- Set up sweep and solve!

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