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Forecasts and Suggestions on China Service Outsourcing

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Jessica Lee

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Jan 4, 2009
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For service outsourcing industry, 2009 is a year full of challenges. Starting from Wall Street, the subprime lending crisis has been growing into an economic crisis sweeping the whole globe. As the major outsourcer economies, US and Europe successively cut their outsourcing business due to the severe crush of the Siege economy to companies there, such measures seriously affected the global service outsourcing providers. Can China’s service outsourcing industry be safe and sound under such an international economic recession?

Under such a severe circumstance, on December 2, 2008, Chinasourcing released the Forecasts and Suggestions on China Service Outsourcing Industry-2009(Chinese version) which has won passionate responses and influences in this industry. The Forecasts mainly includes two parts, Ten Forecasts and Ten Suggestions, and in-depth analyzed the situation for the Chinese outsourcing providers and parks. And also make their own forecasts and suggestions
on how to survive in the complex and ever-changing environment.

About Chinasourcing: Chinasourcing is the primary advisory company in China that provides third-part service for the whole service outsourcing industry and helps foreign enterprisesto enter China market. Established on March 2007, Chinasourcing now has over 4000 members of Chinese outsourcing service providers. As the most influential consulting company within this circle, Chinasourcing is also running the first and only portal website
(www.chnsourcing.com) for Chinese offshore service outsourcing industry.

The English version is coming soon. Let's wait for it and explore more together. If you have interest and would like to know more information, Please contact Sherry Sha (sherry.sha@chnsourcing.com) at Chinasourcing.

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