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Final year project - need ideas involving hardware

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Oct 2, 2006
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Final year Project

Please give me some good idea about final year project,
I want to do some impressive project, with hardware involved

Re: Final year Project

Some folks are more easily impressed than others. I take it this is a school project. What is the curriculum? If it is hardware and software (and you are to do everything) how about a small line following robot crawler? Those are fun to watch and involve knowledge of many things- opto electronics, DC motor control, battery powered microcontroller circuitry, microcontroller software, mechanical aptitude.

If it is more software than hardware and you are somewhat advanced, how about a battery powered USB webcam project where images are recorded to SD card memory (or USB flash drive ) whenever something in the camera's view changes (moves)? The project should be small and stand alone (not be connected to a PC), fully battery powered so it can be left outdoors like in a bird house, or near a hole in the ground opening where a rodent will crawl from (day or night),or on a tree near a deer path. 15 frames per second video (starts immediately when movement detected, stops a few seconds after video is static). Time stamped. Buy all the hardware and just write the software.

If it is more mechanical and less software, make a X-Y table like is used by CNC equip. / CNC engravers / sign cutters (vinyl) / router engraver / PCB milling router / PCB drill.

Propeller clock?
Home irrigation controller / timer (with innovative rain sensor)?
Some sort of data logger which records straight to SD card?
Some sort of portable medical instrument (cardiac arrhythmia monitor, cardio tachometer) with data logging?
Some sort of automotive thing which connects to OBDII port?
Chronometer to measure projectile velocity (bullet)?
Anything cool involving bluetooth?

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