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fieldbus foundation(FCS),DCS,Profibus,which will be dominant

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May 17, 2002
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Which of them is dominant?

I think DCS is dead and FCS will be a new technology(based on networking in industerial) and becomes a good replacement for it!

Fieldbus foundation is better than profibus and I think it have a better support from usa companies and will be industery leader in control systems.

Please give your idea!!comments!


I guess it all depends on what you mean by dominant, because Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus, both have their individual querks to sort out, so it's not clear which one is better. I suppose you have to take the whole package (wiring, installation, after sales service etc, etc.) into account to truley make a valid comparison.

Personally, I don't think either of them want to be the market leader, because the status quo is that they both co-exist in today's market, and they pretty much leave each other alone. It's up to the customer decide which flavor of communication he wants.

I understand that ethernet is on it's way as well, and then you'll have a much better communication speed. Where does that put Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus then??

And what about wireless?? The GSM network is very well established around the world already, it's just a matter of time that they figure out a way to make it safe for field instrumentation.


The Fieldbus foundation(FF ) have two networks:
1:H1 (low speed 31.25kbps,loop powered)
2: HSE (high speed ethernet,10/100 mbps tcp/ip)

There is also some efforts on developing wireless foundation fieldbus!

I think that FF can be a good replacement for DCS! Like networking in office and world ,in industry we need good networking and interoperability and fieldbus give all of them to us!

You can buy a sound card from any vendor and it works on your pc by installing its driver ,this can be realized for industerial systems also.

I think DCS is not compatible with new requested and is an old technology with a large amount of wiring and cost,but fieldbus only needs two wire for power and data for at least 10 instruments and devices.

Please experts on this topic give their comments!

The situation of Fieldbus seems very complicated, every bus type has its own advantage and characteristics, and is suit for different cases. But I think, like ISO OSI, there will be a final standard for fieldbus too, and FF maybe the best choice for its integrality protocol and devices. I have ever used the Smar 302 series FF products, feels not bad.

Re: fieldbus foundation(FCS),DCS,Profibus,which will be domi

DCS is not dead and can never replace with FCS. In modern industrial system the heart of all field devices is FCS, data can be colected via 4~20 mA, Profibus, and Fieldbus, depending on the FIO module which is attach to the FCS. FCS will transfer the data via V-net to DCS system, the DCS will display the output thru Human Machine Interface and some Consoles like Engineering console, User console, Process Management and others, so meaning this 2 system will work together in order to run the plant. Using modern process management monitoring the accessability thru internet, intra-net and other remote web-base monitoring can be done in DCS side.
DCS and SCADA have something in common "To display and collect the data and store in the database". SCADA is event base while DCS is process base monitoring.
Even for the last 5 years of plant history DCS can display the histogram via access of internet, intranet depending on the plant system configuration. DCS was invented by Yokogawa with 30 years of existence. DCS is not limited to medium to large Petro and chem, Medical, Semi-conductor, Manufacturing, Power, Mills, Water, Processing but also to Sea Navigation and Earo-space.

Try this link to know more about FF

Try this link and search "DCS" if you want to know more

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