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Esp8266 Voip switch

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dr pepper

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Mar 15, 2010
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I have some experience of the Esp8266 and networks.
I'd like to make a Voip switch, to control a large phone bell in my noisy workshop.
I'm struggling to find anything like this on the net, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, any pointers appreciated.

Why a VOIP switch? Are you asking to send voice to/from the ESP8266 or is it only to ring the bell?
Either way, you need an existing VOIP line and access to it or a POTS interface with ring signal detect.

Note: as you are in the UK, all phone lines are being switched to VOIP over the next couple of years so the solution may change.


Just to ring a bell when theres an incomming call.
All my phones will soon be Voip.
I'll look into POTS.

Edit: Looks like Pots is the wrong way round, I want to close a relay which in turn will ring a 18" bell when theres an incomming Voip call.
So far it looks like I need a Esp8266 module with an on board relay, its the software I'm not well up on.

Do you have a "hook" that signals a VOIP has initiated ?

If so code fairly simply. Take a look at Tuniot for programming if you do not want
to tackle C/C++.

There are templates here for server or client. Just to the right of


Here is an example of a project controlling leds and a servo :


Regards, Dana.

Not sure what you mean by hook, the hook switch in the 'phone maybe.

I think what needs to be done is to have s client running sip protocol on the network, and define a ringing group on the server, so then the server sends the invite command to both my phone and to an arduino running sip protcol, said arduino can then control a relay for the ringer, turning it on for a invite and off for a bye command.

I'm fairly well versed wth C++, never seen tuniot before.

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