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ESP32 Bluetooth and Wifi Module Interface with Cloud

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Jun 1, 2011
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Hi all,

I am planning to Interface the ESP32 Bluetooth/Wifi Module with Cloud.
My application is, I have to Connect my Mobile Phone with ESP32 bluetooth and through Mobile Phone internet, i have to use
ESP32 Wifi access to send and receive the Data to the Cloud. Will it possible? Kindly let us know.

V. Prakash

It is possible but bear in mind that Bluetooth and Wifi share the same frequency allocations and therefore the ESP32 (or any similar device) cannot use both at the same time. What you can do is receive, store, switch modes and send in sequence so you alternate between them.

Also note that the WiFi has to connect to an access point to reach the internet, you can connect to the access point but it needs its own interface to the internet itself. Usually a WiFi router is used for this purpose.

Cloud services in some sense act as webservers, so even your mobile phone acting as internet router would do the job, at least whenever you are nearby to the ESP32. What you need at this time is to define general specifications of the whole workflow, such as client/server relationship and timmings; for instance, some cloud brokers have limitation on the allowed inverval between consecutive issued messages in the Free version, Thingspeak for example, 15s if I'm not wrong.

Thanks for the reply. From this i understand, we can use Mobile phone for Internet to access the ESP32 Wifi to send and receive the Data to the Cloud. I am planning to use the Arduino IDE to Program the ESP32 module.
what is the cloud we can use to send and receive the data for demo purpose. For just checking as free demo. Kindly recommend the Cloud side Service and the Software to be used in the cloud side.


Kindly recommend the Cloud side Service
As already told, Thingspeak is one option. Have a look on their webpage, available at Mathworks domain. There, once subscribed to the service, you get the url syntax with which sentences will be issued. For the sake of experiments, you can even read/write values via web browser.
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You can find an overview about Thingspeak here:


Thanks for the reply. What about Google Firebase ? shall i use this for my cloud application. Kindly let us know.

V. Prakash

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