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Discuss the cost-effective Bluetooth module


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Sep 27, 2022
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Hello everyone!

Recently I was looking for a cost-effective bluetooth module for my DIY projects. After some searching and comparing, I found some lower priced bluetooth module options, but before choosing, I would like to know if anyone has similar experience with it, or is there any recommended bluetooth module?

Low-cost BLE Bluetooth wireless module low power consumption 2.4G small size serial port data transmission

My project is a simple smart home controller, I want to be able to remotely control the lights and temperature in my home through my phone. I need a bluetooth module with stable connection and easy integration. Also, I'm also considering whether it will be possible to implement more functions through firmware upgrades in the future.

I saw some brands of Bluetooth modules on the Internet, such as HC-05, HC-06, NRF24L01, etc., and the prices are relatively low. But I want to know how these modules perform in real use? Will there be problems with unstable connections, or disconnections when the signal is weak?

If you have used these Bluetooth modules, or have other recommended modules, welcome to share your experience and opinions. If you know some specific use cases, especially in the smart home space, that would be even better! Please also share some suggestions about module purchase, such as where to buy, how to judge whether it is genuine, etc.

The pictures show a ready to use BT-to-serial converter.

You talk about "weak" signals. But doesn´t weak (as a relative description) just say it´s one the edge to work on the expected performance. So "weak" means an different absolute value for different bluetooth devices.
Thus if you want to compare different devices you need to define an absolute value.
A weak adult still may be more powerful than a healthy child.

HC-05, HC-06 and so on are no brands, but modules.
They are used million times before. I used them, but not in harsh environment. They worked well.

But: Why not use an Arduino(IDE) programmable cheap ESP32? Then you have bluetooth communication and microcontroller for your application in one? So you (as the programmer) has the opportunity how to deal with weak BT signals. (display, error correction, disconnect & reconnect, alarm ...)

Or smaller ones like: Bluno Nano (I have no experience, just did an internet search)


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