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ESD design for ANALOG Circuits

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Apr 8, 2011
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hi frends im doing my project in ESD for analog circuits right now im not know anything pls suggest some gud paper or book by the way i hav springer for ESD but i m not find any interesting stuff in that book

The book you haved is organized in a hierarchy from the semiconductor device level to
the product circuit level.

Which level your project , VLSI project or product project ?

Analog ESD is not especially different from digital, other than that you care
more about leakage, through-resistance, etc. Since this is a project, how
about you begin with requirements as the pins see them (parasitics impact
and how much voltage excursion, to what return point, is allowable for a
reliable post-zap circuit. If you can enumerate these, the form may then be
obvious (or at least, which forms are unsuitable).

In a past life I had the joy of designing a 1kV HBM ESD protection for
60V analog pins. Ended up inventing a new structure and devices for it.
Probably outside the scope of a class project ;) but the point is, you
can't expect to find all of your answers in books. Sometimes you are
going to have to create a solution.

But many manufacturers' datasheets show pin network details and you
might chase after ICs that bear a resemblance to your target and see
what other people have decided, works.

"ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits" in this book you can also find many useful circuits..

A good book:

Vladislav A.Vashchenko, Andrei Shibkov, "ESD Design for Analog Circuits”

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