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ESD and single events


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Nov 3, 2018
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Hi, I guess ESD happen when we touch the PCB without ground strap that causes a spike of thousand of voltages when we touch the PCBs for example when connecting data cables. If we don't touch the PCB by hand then ESD will not happen, right ?

If some charged particles from air hit the PCB and it caused some of the IC to burn which phenomenon is that ? Is it single event ? that can be happen even if we don't touch ?

In which environment single event is more important to consider, the radiation environment or some other. How we can protect the electronics from single events ?

Usually to protect the electronics from ESD strikes we use TVS diodes in the PCBs. What should be done to reduce the single event effects ?

No need to touch the PCB.

An ESD even also can happen when you connect your cellphone to the charger.

ESD also can happen when connecting two cables. even if no PCB is used at all. Even if the cable is isolated.

Basically ESD may happen everywhere. There even is no need for a human.
Example: autonomous driving stacker may pick up static charge (turning wheels on a non ESD floor) and can discharge it via the fork to a metal shelf in a stock.
(Indeed this is one of the highest ESD energy I´ve heard of (in textile industry) and also low impedancece due to metal conductors. )


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