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ERROR (CMI-2078): Required parameter 'file' is missing in Cadence Virtuoso using a model from TI

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Jun 20, 2022
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I am tryng to simulate the models for INA114 and TLV4111 in Cadence Virtuoso. I've obtained the models from the Texas Instruments web page:


In both cases I've taken the Spice models.

The steps that I've followed to generate the symbols and link them with the model has been:
1 - Create a symbol with the specified ports in the INA114 Subkit
2 - Copy the symbol as spectre cellview and erase the symbol
3 - Edit the CDF parameters, assign them the name in the pins ans setting the cellname parameter as INA114
4 - In ADE-L, in setup/model libraries, I've added the INA114.LIB where is descripted the model

But, when I run the simulation , this error occurs:

ERROR (CMI-2078): Required parameter 'file' is missing

and is repeated 4 times. I've researched about this error and looks like an error about the parser of the file, but I'm not be able to find where is the error in the model file...

Any ideas that can be happening or how to solve the problem?

I'm interested in know another ways to use a model in cadence virtuoso. Other ways that I've been able to run models in Virtuoso have been using a component and assign the model file in the Model name property of the component, such as with the diode component, but I don't find a component with an Instrumentation amplifier or OpAmp with the model name property.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi again.
I've been able to run the model INA121 following the steps describe in my question. Then, I'm sure that the problem is in the file and not in the creation of the component. In the case of the INA114, the model is described using 3 114 OpAmps, as indicates the datasheet, and in the case of the INA121 is only one Subckt in the model.
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In the (base! always!) CDF look for where the target model is to be found, or any option field telling it to look for one.

There have to be many tutorials on this. That the devices are op amps does not matter, they are just subcircuits drawn pretty as far as the mechanics.

Googling the error message wrapped in quotes is always a good thing to try. So is scrolling backward to look for warnings that might foreshadow a missed connection.

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